Signs & Symptoms of Coronavirus

Out of 55,000 confirmed cases in China, these are the main symptoms of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) ranked by percentage:

  • Fever - 88%
  • Dry Cough - 68%
  • Fatigue - 38%
  • Coughing up sputum or thick phlegm: 33%
  • Shortness of breath: 19%
  • Bone or joint pain: 15%
  • Sore throat: 14%
  • Headache: 14%
  • Chills: 11%
  • Nausea or vomiting: 5%
  • Stuffy nose: 5%
  • Diarrhea: 4%
  • Coughing up blood: 1%
  • Swollen eyes: 1%

Symptoms typically appear within 2-4 days of being infected.

There is currently no vaccine available for COVID-19. Antibiotics are not effective as the disease is viral rather than bacterial.

Depending on the severity of symptoms, treatments such as fluids for dehydration, medications to reduce fever, or supplemental oxygen may be administered in more severe situations. Respirators may also be used for individuals who have a harder time breathing on their own.

Antiviral medications used for other viruses such as Ebola are currently being used but their efficacy is currently unknown.

Recovery times depend on the strength of the immune system. Individuals who have passed away from COVID-19 were typically in poor health before catching the virus. Healthy, younger individuals who become infected with COVID-19 are likely to recover without any special medical treatment, although it is important to contact your doctor if you believe you may have the virus.

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